5 Surprising Flu Shot Superpowers

It is a foe no one wants to face. It preys on the young and the weak, and it levels even the strongest of us like feathers. Its mere presence saps energy and appetite, stiffening movement and sending chills down more than just your spine. It is formidable. It is unrelenting. And it multiplies on contact.

It’s the flu. And it’s here.

Luckily, you don’t have to stand by and wait for it to barge into your homes, your schools, and your offices. A foe like this is only defeated when it is weakened, and the only way to weaken it is to limit its spread. Hand-washing and regular disinfecting can help slow it down, but to really make a difference, we need more than just bubbles and wipes.

We need superpowers.

Here are five ways the flu vaccine can give you just that.

Create a Viral Force Field

By getting the flu shot, you are giving your body the ability to guard against the worst of the flu virus. It not only protects, but it also prevents further transmission by limiting or removing the risk of transmission. This means you reduce the risk of giving it to the people you love who are unable to get vaccinated, like very young babies or the “immunocompromised.”

Give Your Immune System A Sidekick

Who doesn’t want a sidekick handling most of the dirty work? A flu shot does just that by building up the antibodies that provide protection against the viruses that are in the vaccine. Because, yes, the flu vaccine protects against more than one virus—usually three of them, in fact.

Time Travel

A few minutes at a Family Health Care of Siouxland clinic could save you 5-7 days of fevers, chills, lethargy, a sore throat, and body aches. That’s if you don’t get hospitalized and it doesn’t progress to something more life-threatening, like pneumonia. Avoid the alternate ending, and aim yourself toward a healthier, happier one. Just remember, it takes the flu vaccine about two weeks to create an army worthy of battle. Plan ahead. Get your vaccine today.

Become A Master At Adulting.

Okay, so this one isn’t as glamorous, but it’s not one you—or anyone—should take for granted. The good thing is that most insurance plans cover the flu shot, so that helps. That being said, it takes time and effort to line up appointments, remind everyone to wash their hands, and use tissues properly. Adulting is hard work. In fact, if they awarded capes to those of use who made sure bills were paid and schedules were kept, you can bet more of use would be wearing them.

Make Your “A” Game Your “Always” Game.

You know that feeling when you’re taking care of your body? When you’ve exercised and eaten your vegetables and gotten plenty of rest? The flu vaccine helps you keep that feeling going by guarding against the viral villains that aim to wipe it out. Get the flu vaccine to stay ahead of the season’s treachery, and keep up the healthy habits that fortify its natural defenses. This includes plenty of water and calming, deep breaths. You’ll be amazed what your body can do when you give it the tools it needs.

Go ahead. Bare your badge of honor. Be a superhero this flu season.

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