When it comes to treating sick kids, our doctors and nurses at Family Health Care of Siouxland know just what to do. Just don’t be surprised if the first thing we tell you is to listen to your mother.

Chicken Noodle Soup for Colds
It turns out there’s a reason why generation after generation of moms reach for chicken soup ingredients at the first sign of colds, allergies, and respiratory illness. Chicken soup really does work. According to scientific studies, chicken soup helps inhibit the movement of neutrophils, the type of white blood cell in charge of handling infection. Neutrophils, while beneficial, also cause the inflammation that makes cold symptoms worse.

Here’s the recipe used in the University of Nebraska Medical Center study.

What’s even better is that the soup doesn’t have to be made from scratch to be effective. While commercial soups varied in their ability to mitigate colds, all offered at least a little benefit. Scientists are unclear as to the exact components of the soup that make it more effective than placebos, and even some over-the-counter medications, but for those seeking relief, an explanation isn’t necessary.

Honey for Coughs

If cough syrup is hard to swallow, reach for honey instead. Everyone from your mother to the World Health Organization knows that honey is the bees’ knees; it’s been proven to reduce both cough symptoms and improve sleep for those who take 10 grams for symptoms.

Cranberry Juice for Urinary Tract Infections

Chalk another one up to moms knowing best; cranberry juice has been proven to effectively prevent urinary tract infections within 8 hours. If you or your children are prone to UTIs, cranberry juice, especially the low sugar variety, works to fight against the dreaded bacteria by preventing their adhesion and reducing their ability to multiply.

Gargling Water for Sore Throats and Colds

It turns out mom didn’t teach you to gargle so you could speak like Aquaman. Swishing and gargling water at the first sign of a cold or respiratory infection can reduce it taking hold by up to 36% according to the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. Sore throats can benefit from adding salt to the water, which will help clean the tonsils and provide them some extra relief.

Extra cuddles and back rubs

While it may not be scientifically proven that a little extra TLC reduces the length of colds, stomach viruses, and other aches and pains, cuddles and back rubs from Mom are always a good thing. And mom may be the only one up to the challenge; while most people keep their distance from sick folks, moms are happy to bridge the gap for the ones they love. (Remember this the next time she has the sniffles—she most likely, and willingly, caught them from you).

She Knows When You Need to See a Doctor

Mother always knows best, and she also knows when you need to see a doctor. Always remember, mom can help make you more comfortable when you’re not feeling well, but for treatment and diagnosis, it’s important to see a doctor. Visit us at Family Health Care of Siouxland if you’re in need of medical treatment.

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