For most of us, scheduling a doctor’s appointment is a “sooner than later” type of deal. Rarely do we know ahead of time when a child gets an ear infection or we get the flu; other times life gets in the way and we simply forget to call and schedule a routine examination. Family Health Care of Siouxland understands your time is precious that’s why we’re now offering on-demand scheduling for all of our 28 physicians across six locations, powered by MyHealthDirect.

Our goal at Family Health Care is to provide the best possible medical care in a comfortable and personal setting, and on-demand scheduling is a crucial step for us to meet that goal,” said Shanin McCabe-Harding, CEO of Family Health Care. “MyHealthDirect ensures the most personalized experience possible by giving our patients the freedom to schedule an appointment on their own time, and in the most convenient way.”

Schedule an Appointment Anytime

On-demand scheduling allows anyone with an Internet-connected device to book an appointment, 24/7. Consider this scenario, it is 3 a.m. and your toddler is up with a fever and tugging at bright, red ears. Previously, you’d have to wait until at least 8 a.m. to call and schedule an appointment. With on-demand scheduling, simply log on your computer and schedule an appointment for later that morning right then and there.Your doctor can optimize his or her schedule, only showing you which days and times are available. Once the appointment is scheduled, you’ll immediately receive a smartphone calendar reminder. There’s no need to worry if your appointment was booked.

We’ve partnered with MyHealthDirect, the national leader in digital care coordination solutions, to make sure this new process is simple, fast and accurate. The on-demand solution integrates directly into FHCL’s Allscripts EMR and practice management system ensuring physician calendars are up-to-date for accurate scheduling.

Schedule an Appointment Closest to You

With six locations across Siouxland, your preferred physician might not always be the closest physician. For example, if you suddenly become ill at work or your child sprains an ankle at school, it may be more convenient to go to a FHCSL location that’s closer to you. The on-demand scheduling solution makes is possible to schedule an appointment at any office, helping you feel better, faster.

Online Scheduling for Current, New and Non-patients

Not only is our on-demand scheduling feature a benefit for current patients, but it is also available for new and non-patients. The software quickly matches patients with the most appropriate provider based on their needed care after answering a series of simple, qualifying questions during the scheduling process.

We understand when you or a loved one is sick, you want to feel better fast. At FHCSL, we want to make sure a time-consuming, arduous scheduling process doesn’t come between you and your health care. Take charge of your health and schedule your next appointment online.

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