The stories below provide an inside look at our physicians, staff and include numerous resources for our patients and the community.

Take Control of Your Health, Schedule Appointments Online

For most of us, scheduling a doctor’s appointment is a “sooner than later” type of deal. Rarely do we know ahead of time when a child gets an ear infection or we get the flu; other times life gets in the way and we simply forget to call and schedule a routine...

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Get the Summer Off to a Healthy: Start Schedule a Well-Child Visit

Summer is the perfect time for long-awaited pool parties, vacations, barbecues and an annual well-child visit. Scheduling well-child appointments during your child’s summer break not only works great in your schedule (and keeps your child from missing classes), but it’s essential to make sure they’re developing normally.

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How to Alleviate Spring Allergies

There’s nothing better after a long, cold, Iowa winter than to finally be able to bask in the warm spring sun and breathe in the fragrant air. Unless, of course, you are one of the 50 million people in the United States that suffer from allergies. This season is especially tough on sufferers due to the large amounts of pollen plants release.

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Tips To Stay Safe On Spring Break

After months and months of cold and snow, nothing sounds better than sun and sand. For many college students, spring break is a rite of passage. But nothing can ruin a trip faster than an accident or mishap that could have been avoided.

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Healthy Treats To Warm Your Valentine’s Heart

Why is it we show love this time of year with treats and goodies that really aren’t the best things for all of us? Chocolates and candies are ok in moderation but let’s be real, who is finishing that box of chocolates all by themselves?

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