VenaCureBlog-ImageFamily Healthcare of Siouxland is happy to announce it will be offering VenaCure EVLT® to its list of provided services. Helping patients by eliminating painful spider and varicose veins is part of the ongoing commitment to helping patients live long, active, energetic lives.

Vein treatments will have little-to-no side effects, and allow patients to resume normal activities almost immediately.  VenaCure EVLT® has been highly effective in clinical trials, and has produced beautiful, energetic results in more than 95% of its cases.

It starts with a venous duplex ultrasound, which will indicate if veins in the legs have venous reflux, a condition when the valves in the veins allow blood to pool or backflow into the veins instead of pushing the blood up and toward the heart. Venous insufficiency causes these trademark vein symptoms:


    • Legs that are achy, tired, or “heavy”
    • Legs that cause pain while standing
    • Legs that bruise or bleed easily
    • Restless legs
    • Swollen leg joints
    • Skin changes that include pigmentation differences like bumpy, visible varicose veins or thin, flat, purple spider veins.


If venous insufficiency is indicated, treatment may include endovenous laser treatment, microphlebectomy, or sclerotherapy, all of which are now offered by Family Healthcare of Siouxland and most of which are covered by insurance.

If the symptoms mentioned in the above list sound familiar, we can help you put some pep back into your step! Call us and schedule your venous ultrasound today.


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