New Year’s resolutions tend to end up being a big joke, mainly because we break them so fast. It’s funny to share that we bought an entire month of a gym membership, only to go twice. Or the fact that we resolved to eat better and the next day ate double dessert. But any resolution we make to be healthier, shouldn’t be taken lightly. You made the resolution for a reason and it probably failed because your goal was a little too lofty. Don’t dump the idea of making a resolution to get healthier, just make it something that is much more attainable for you to achieve.

  1. Set small goals for weight loss. Just because losing weight is about everyone’s New Year’s resolution, doesn’t mean it is a bad one. According to the CDC, nearly 40 percent of adults in the United States are obese. The key to success is to set small goals and build upon them. Start by resolving to lose 1 pound, then 5 pounds, and so on. Achieving these small goals will encourage you to keep going.
  2. Gradually change diet choices. There are a lot of diets out there that severely limit your calories, carbs and sugar and while they initially show results, they are hard to stick to because of their strict limits. Instead, resolve to eat better gradually. For example, add one serving of vegetables to one meal a day. Limit dining out to one or two times per week. And drink plain coffee instead of sugar-laden lattes.’s Dietary Guidelines are a good resource.
  3. Develop an easy exercise routine. If you’ve never exercised regularly, waking at the crack of dawn to circuit train at your local gym probably won’t last. Instead, start with small steps for success. Add a nightly walk after dinner or take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you wear a pedometer, try increasing your steps by 2,000. Even exercising for 5 minutes at a time can really help. Plus, once you start building strength and stamina you’ll want to see how far you can go.
  4. Take better care of your skin. Damaging UV rays can reach you on cloudy days and also reflect off cement and snow. Prevention is key to combat skin cancer. Use a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher on your face and any other exposed skin or choose a face lotion that has it added. Avoid tanning beds at all costs and stop smoking, which prematurely ages your skin.
  5. Take 5-minute mind breaks. A healthy body is directly tied to a healthy mind. Take 5 minutes a day to breathe, call a friend, take a bath or hold a yoga pose like mountain pose or child’s pose. Quick breaks will help reset your emotions.

If you’re resolving to start 2019 off on a healthier note, let us know! We’re expanding on our team of specialists by adding health coaches and other specialty-area experts. Talk to your doctor today about how FHCSL can help you with your goals.

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