Summer is here, bringing with it the sunny, warm weather that we love. This is the perfect season to get outside, enjoy physical activity, and maybe even learn something new! If you’re stuck in an exercise rut (or stuck inside with the air conditioning), let this serve as a gentle nudge to take the season by storm. Curious about new and exciting ways to be active this summer? We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorites!


  1. Go for a walk – and not just around your neighborhood! Look up state parks, scenic views, or explore downtown on foot for an afternoon. On a Saturday or Wednesday morning, you could take in the Farmer’s Market and stop for a coffee or brunch before walking back to your car or home.

  2. Take a bike ride – because when was the last time you dusted off your bike? It’s time to tune it up for a new season of fun and exploration. Biking is one of the most relaxing forms of exercise, and it serves as a great family activity that can be enjoyed by all ages.

  3. Go swimming at the pool or lake – our favorite way to beat the heat! This summer, why not sign up for a pool membership or take advantage of city parks that include swimmable lakes? Bring healthy snacks, a book to read, plenty of water, and SPF. Swimming a few laps back and forth in the pool will provide an invigorating and low-impact workout.

  4. Go camping – don’t let the summer go by without enjoying the beauty of nature! Choose a date right now to pitch a tent with your friends or family. Enjoy the scenery, hikes, and campfire-cooked meals. And go ahead, make those s’mores.

  5. Try a new sport – you’re never too old or too young to try a sport for the first time. The YMCA offers sports leagues for children as young as 3. Consider softball, swim team, and tennis for young people. Adults may enjoy golf and pickleball during the summer. Even if you’ve never tried it before, it could be your new favorite thing once you give it a go. What fun!
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