It’s no surprise that Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday. What’s not to love? The kickoff of the holiday season is about gathering with family and friends, expressing gratitude, and of course, food! Feasting on decadent favorites is fun, but you’ll find yourself enjoying Thanksgiving more if you’re able to maintain healthy boundaries as you indulge. We’ve gathered some simple tips for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Eat Breakfast

You may wonder if it would be best to skip breakfast to “make room” for the holiday feast later in the day. However, studies have shown that a small nutritious breakfast such as scrambled eggs on whole-grain toast will help prevent overindulgence when it’s time for the main meal. It will help to take the edge off of your hunger and keep you focused on your priorities as you fill your plate.

Pay Attention to Portions

Save one-third of your plate for fruits and vegetables. This will help to control your hunger and ensure you’re getting adequate nutrition. Review all of the foods available and make conscious decisions on the foods you are truly eager to eat. Select small portions to enable yourself to enjoy all your favorites without going overboard.

Eat Slowly and Purposefully

You’ll be more alert and aware of the foods you’re tasting if you are seated for your meal. Avoid grazing food while standing up, as you may overindulge without even realizing it. Be mindful of your bites and take your time. Try setting your fork down between bites to help you focus and truly enjoy what you’re tasting.

Get Active

There’s no need to overdo it, but it’s helpful to maintain active habits on Thanksgiving. If you normally jog in the mornings, don’t skip it! You’ll feel more like yourself and more attuned with the needs of your body if you maintain your regular fitness routine. Gather the family and friends that are able to take a brisk walk before and after the big meal. It will be a fun way to enjoy the day together, get some fresh air, and get your body moving.

Enjoy Yourself

The joy of Thanksgiving is time together with the ones we love. If you end up indulging in more mashed potatoes than you had planned, don’t punish yourself. Healthy boundaries are important, but so is quality time and joyful celebration. When you prioritize laughing with the ones you love, you’ll feel less focused on the spread of desserts or basket of rolls. Enjoy everything in moderation and lean into the celebration. After all, Thanksgiving only comes once a year!

We hope you feel encouraged that Thanksgiving can be fun, delicious, and healthy! As you gather with friends and family to enjoy traditions and favorite foods, remember that you are in control of what and how much you indulge. It’s all about balance and enjoying one another. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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