When you or your child gets sick, you not only feel terrible but you have to worry about the impact on your life. Will your child have to miss school? Will you have to miss work? The stress of being sick is real. That’s what makes Family Health Care of Siouxland’s Urgent Care services so great.

Care at Two Convenient Locations

FHCSL Urgent Care has two convenient locations in Siouxland so you there’s always one close to your home, work or school. With two locations, you’ll never be forced to drive across town, fight traffic or deal with construction to reach one, busy location. We have urgent care locations at our Morningside clinic on Sergeant Road and at our Northside clinic on Hamilton and Outer Drive. Both locations are open evenings, Monday through Friday, and during the day on weekends. Check here for exact times.

No More Long Wait Times

Although no appointments are necessary for urgent care, you can skip the wait by reserving a spot online. The process is really simple – start here, choose one of the two locations you want to visit and click the “Reserve My Spot” button under your chosen location. You’ll see a range of times you can reserve. Once you choose your time, you’ll receive updates reminding you of your upcoming appointment.

Physicians That Communicate

One of the biggest benefits of our urgent care services is the communication between FHCSL physicians. If you are a FHCSL patient and need to see a physician at one of our urgent care locations, your primary physician will have your updated records the next day. And, your urgent care physician will have access to your entire health history to better help with your diagnosis. This type of communication is especially important if you’re dealing with an illness that increases in severity. For example, you may visit urgent care to be treated for a chest cold that you need to follow up with your regular doctor for, especially if you’re not feeling better. Your primary physician will know what medications you were prescribed and what tests were done – ensuring everyone is on the same page with your care.

The next time you’ve got a cold, flu, minor burn, cut or broken bone, take comfort in knowing our urgent care location is convenient to your location and time all with the best care. Nights, weekends, we’re here for you.

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