Visit the Diabetes Wellness Fair on October 7 at 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Sioux City Convention Center. Free Admission! 

Managing Diabetes can be overwhelming, difficult, frustrating, and scary, and it would remain so if it were not for the people who can bind together to help each other through it. Having a community of people who understand, who have impactful suggestions, and who can push you into a positive mindset is not only an important part of living with diabetes but of being a human in general.

Our community is a strong one, both in the support for a cure and the support for a cause. We could all benefit from a sense of community like that, whether it surrounds a cause or a club. No matter where you are in the world, life is better when you engage with it.

This is why we at Family Health Care of Siouxland hold an annual Diabetes Wellness Fair at the Sioux City Convention Center. We’re passionate about improving lives. Here are the top five reasons you should check out the Diabetes Wellness Fair this year. It could change your life, and it just may save it.

1. Free Health Screenings

An important part of staying on top of your health is getting frequent health screenings. In past years, we’ve heard amazing stories from people who’ve caught a 90% blockage, thyroid cancer, and many other ailments with our free screenings. There’s no reason to put off health screenings when they’re free and part of a great event.

2. Family Networking

Network with other families to build your support community, and find area resources for all ages. Our community is extremely strong, and it will open up a whole new world for you and your family.

3. Learn New Recipes

Learn great cooking and exercise tips from dieticians and nutritionists. We know that diabetics cannot take their relationship with food or exercise for granted. Which is why we bring in the experts to teach you and your loved ones about the best nutrition and exercise practices for your body.

4. Tips on Managing Diabetes

Learn the best options for managing your diabetes from local area health physicians, eye specialists, and dentists. Also, you’ll learn best healthcare practices, warning signs, and how to stay healthy.

5. It’s Completely FREE!

There’s no better word than “free.” We want to help bring the education to you and your family, keeping everyone active and healthy.This is a free event to everyone. Please join us for an amazing event!

Experience the true value of wholesome food, strong relationships, interwoven communities, advocacy, and ripple effects. It goes to show that a diabetes diagnosis is not the end of the world, it could – and should –  be the start of a much better one.

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