School is back in session, and the days will only continue to grow shorter and chillier. It can be tempting to stay inside and focus on school and work, but let’s remember that kids thrive when given the opportunity to explore, be active, and enjoy the outdoors. We’ve rounded up 5 great activities for Siouxland-area kids to do in the fall that will get their minds and bodies moving.

#1: Take a Hike

Unplug and spend some time in nature as a family. Hiking is shown to build confidence in children and provides great exercise. Many of the nature trails in our area provide scavenger hunts or activities to go along with your hike. Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center offers a kid-friendly nature trail along with a bird viewing area, live native reptile and fish exhibits, interactive woodland exhibits, and more -all at no cost!

#2: Go Fishing

Fishing teaches children focus, patience, delayed gratification, and hand-eye coordination. The best time of day for Autumn fishing is mid-day when the sun is at its highest and warmest. Pack a picnic lunch for the family and take advantage of a September Saturday on the water! Popular fishing spots in the area are Stone State Park in Sioux City and McCook Lake in North Sioux City.

#2: Get Sporty Together

Even if your child is signed up for a sport this fall, it is fun to learn and play a new sport together as a family! Long Lines Family Rec Center in Downtown Sioux City provides a great setting for being active as a family. Try playing pickleball together, or cheering on one another on the indoor climbing wall.

#3: Get Lost in a Maze

Fall is full of family fun if you’re willing to look for it! Corn mazes are a classic tradition that also provide a bit of exercise. We recommend Scarecrow Farms in Lawton, Iowa for a day of fall fun that feels like you’re really escaping daily life together as a family. Kids can run around various play structures, jump on a bouncy blob, ride go-carts, and enjoy the endless corn maze before enjoying a delicious apple cider donut.

#4: Take Advantage of Rainy Days

Fall is a mixed bag as far as weather is concerned, so don’t be discouraged! There are indoor options that provide a great opportunity to walk around and expand your child’s mind with creativity! The Sioux City Art Center is a free art museum, offering 3 floors of exhibits as well as a children’s play area on the main level.

#5: Go Back in Time

Bring history to life at one of the Sioux City area’s most interesting kid-friendly museums! The Sioux City Railroad Museum located in Riverside is a perfect location for children to climb and explore through a piece of history- as well as awaken their imagination! Everything is hands-on, so kids will leave joyfully exhausted after a great day of exercise for both their bodies and minds.

We are fortunate to live in a community that offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for children year-round. It’s important to model a healthy, active lifestyle for our children and to teach them ways to move their bodies, expand their minds, and recharge their spirits. As always, we’re here to help!




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