Technology is at the front and center of all of our lives. We use computers and mobile devices for everything from work and watching videos to ordering groceries and paying bills. Technology just makes our lives easier and Family Health Care of Siouxland believes taking charge of your health should be just as easy. Our patient portal, FollowMyHealth, gives you the ability to review information about your health and communicate with our office 24/7.

Why You Should Use Patient Portal

You demand access to your bank account, credit cards, service providers and more at the touch of button day or night. You don’t want to wait until 9 a.m. to pay a bill or email a service request. Your health should be no different. Patient portals like FollowMyHealth offer the same flexibility and ease. They are high-tech solutions to manage your personal health records. Our patient portal allows you to:

  • Review your medical records online in a safe, secure environment
  • Communicate privately with physicians via secure messaging
  • View test and lab results, and read medical notes from your doctor
  • Update your health information (allergies, medications, conditions, etc.)
  • Request Rx renewals
  • Receive email care reminders
  • Request or change appointments
  • Fill out and submit forms prior to appointments
  • Create proxy accounts for children or dependent adults
  • Set and track health goals
  • View and pay bills

How to Create Your Patient Portal Account

Creating an account is easy. You can sign up directly from our website by going to our Patient Online Services page and clicking the link Create Your Account to go to our Follow My Health site where you can sign up. Fill in your e-mail, name, date of birth, zip, phone and optional Social Security Number to get started. Once you create your account, you will be prompted to search for and connect with available providers in your area. You can also download the app and use FollowMyHealth right on your mobile device. FollowMyHealth is private and secure. All of the data is encrypted and you control who has access to your medical records. You can always ask our office to help create your account as well.

FollowMyHealth Patient Portal is Easy to Use

Our portal is user friendly and intuitive. You can see alerts, messages and request and appointment right from the home screen. Click on My Health to view detailed information about your health. Your physician will upload new information after each appointment. You can see messages from your doctor and send an email right from the portal.

It’s proven that patients who use a portal are more engaged in their care and enjoy healthier lifestyles and improved outcomes. Get started today!

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