At Family Health Care of Siouxland, we’re always thinking about how we can better serve our patients. In fact, our vision is to provide personalized health care. Over the years we’ve grown to 29 physicians and many more staff members across six Siouxland clinic locations, three Urgent Care facilities and a state-of-the-art Imaging Services. We’re proud of our ever-expanding services as they allow us to better serve you.

On-Demand Scheduling: On-demand scheduling allows anyone with an Internet-connected device to book an appointment, 24/7. Simply log on your computer and schedule an appointment. Your doctor can optimize his or her schedule, only showing you which days and times are available. Once the appointment is scheduled, you’ll immediately receive a smartphone calendar reminder. On-demand scheduling works for all six locations across Siouxland; you can make an appointment with your preferred physician or the one closest to you. Not only is our on-demand scheduling feature a benefit for current patients, but it is also available for new and non-patients. The software quickly matches patients with the most appropriate provider based on their needed care after answering a series of simple, qualifying questions during the scheduling process.

Imaging Services: Our Imaging Center is a great option when given a choice on where to go for a provider-recommended MRI, ultrasound or CT. Our state-of-the-art facility offers not only comfort and professionalism but the expertise of board-certified radiologists and highly-skilled staff members. We offer vascular screening, MRI, CT imaging, ultrasound and DEXA scans. We offer imaging services in an office/outpatient setting for comfort and convenience.

Sleep Center: The FHCSL Sleep Center is an outpatient facility equipped to conduct and interpret a wide range of sleep studies. The Center’s certified sleep technicians measure the patient’s sleep to determine how much they are getting and how well they sleep. They can help diagnose sleep apnea, a condition which narrows the airways making breathing inadequate for 10 to 20 seconds, potentially lowering oxygen levels in the blood. And since this is an outpatient facility, patients are not billed a facility fee like they would if the sleep study was done in a hospital.

Social Services: Aside from physician care, FHCSL also offers our patients social services. A social worker helps both adults and children with life’s challenges. They can diagnose and treat mental, behavioral and emotional disorders including anxiety and depression, provide individual and group therapy and develop a treatment plan with the patient, doctor and other healthcare professionals.

Urgent Care: Our multiple-location Urgent Care is available evenings, weekends and even holidays to take care of colds, flu, fever, minor burns, broken bones, insect bites, ear infections and more minor illnesses. New patients are welcome and no appointment is necessary. We also have an online check-in for our Urgent Care locations. Go online and reserve your place in line. You’ll receive text updates and reminders once you’re in the queue.

We’re happy to offer all of these extra services to our patients. It’s just another way we’re providing the best care in Siouxland. Contact us for an appointment today.

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